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Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advancing into Zabadani


Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advancing into Zabadani The Syrian Army and the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement continued advancing into Zabadani after taking control of al-Zalah region in the Southern parts of the town, Al-Alam News Network reports. The army units and resistance forces are advancing in Zabadani from the direction of …

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Morsi arrest means Mubarak return: Brotherhood

A court order to detain ousted president Mohamed Morsi for alleged crimes during the 2011 revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak signaled that the regime of the former strongman was “back in full force” in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood said Friday. “The accusations read as if they’re a retaliation from the …

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Three more Egyp MPs resign ahead of protests

Three more Egyptian parliamentarians have resigned the acting parliament ahead of army 48-hour ultimatum against President Mohamed Morsi. In a statement issued by prestigious University of al-Azhar on Wednesday, the three lawmakers including Abdoldayem Nasir, Mohammad Mahna as well as Abdolhadi al-Qosay, who were represented al-Azhar in Shura Council, have …

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