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Tel Aviv demo decries Israel’s war on Gaza

Thousands of Israelis protest during a left-wing peace rally in the coastal city of Tel Aviv calling for the Israeli government to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority on August 16, 2014. Thousands have taken to streets of Tel Aviv to censure the Israeli regime for its saber-rattling policies towards Palestinians …

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Israel using globally-banned arms in Gaza strikes

 The Israeli regime has resorted to the use of internationally-banned weapons in the besieged Gaza Strip, Palestinian doctors and rights activists said They said that horrific images of the Palestinian victims of recent Israeli airstrikes on the blockaded coastal enclave prove that the occupation forces are using internationally-banned weapons

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Egyptians set to hold anti-Israel demo

Egyptians set to hold anti-Israel demo Egyptians are set to hold a million-man march in Cairo to denounce recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. In a statement on Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptians of all factions to take to the streets and protest in front of major …

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