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Female activists prevented from reaching Gaza

Egypt has prevented a group of 100 European and American female activists from reaching the besieged Gaza Strip. Egyptian authorities stopped the women at the Cairo airport on Thursday, as they attempted to cross the Sinai Peninsula to spend the International Women’s Day in Gaza on Saturday. On Wednesday, police …

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Egypt court orders Mubarak release

An Egyptian court has ordered the release of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, a judicial and a security source says. The sources on condition of anonymity said on Wednesday, Mubarak could leave prison later in the day as there are no longer any legal grounds for his detention. Mubarak, 85, is …

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Who is Sheikh Hassan Shahata?

Hassan Bin Muhamad Bin Shahate Bin Mousa al-Anani, Known as Sheikh Hassan Shahate, was born in November 10, 1946 in the small town of Harbit, Markaz Abu Kabir, in al-Sharqiyah province of Egypt. He was a prominent Shia cleric who had thousands of followers due to his moderate views and …

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