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متن ادبی روز مادر

روز مادر

روز مادر

Mother’s day

A man stoped at a glower shop to order some flowers to be weird to his mother who lived two hundred miles away
As he got out of his car,he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing.he asked her what was wrong and she replied :I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother.but I only have seventy – five cents and a rose costs two dollars
The man smiled and said:come on with me .I’ll buy you a rose
He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother’s flowers
As they were leaving ,the man offered the girl a ride home. She said :yes ,please ! you can take me to my mothere
The girl directed him to a ceremony,where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave
The man returned to the flower shop ,canceled the wire order.picked up a bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to the mother’s house

روز مادر

مرد، کنار مغازه گل فروشی ایستاد تا دسته گلی را برای مادرش- که دو هزار مایل دور از او زندگی می کرد-سفارش دهد و از طریق پست بفرستد. لحظه ای که از ماشینش پیاده شد توجهش به دخترکی جلب شد که گوشه ای نشسته بود و زار زار گریه می کرد.

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