Pakistanis stage fresh anti-US rallies

Pakistanis stage fresh anti-US ralliesReviewed by مدیریت پرچم های سیاه شرق on Sep 28Rating:
Pakistanis stage fresh anti-US rallies

Pakistani Muslims gather during a rally in Lahore to protest against the anti-Islam film and anti-Islam cartoons, published on September 19, 2012 by French weekly <i>Charlie Hebdo</i>.

Pakistani people have once again taken to the streets across the country to voice anger at a US-made anti-Islam movie and French cartoons that insult the Prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH).
Hundreds demonstrated in the city of Multan in southern Punjab province on Thursday to condemn the instances of blasphemy
Chanting anti-US and anti-France slogans, the protesters called for the expulsion of the US and French ambassadors from all Muslim countries.

They also called for the introduction of a law that would stop insult to religions.

Similar protests were also held in a number of other cities, including the capital of the Baluchistan province, Quetta, located in the southwest, Karachi, and the Gujranwala city, located northeast of the Punjab province.

Anti-Western sentiments have been boiling up in the Muslim world during the past weeks over the blasphemous film, titled Innocence of Muslims, that insults Islam’s holiest figure and attempts to depict Islam as an oppressive religion.

French weekly Charlie Hebdo’s publication of provocative cartoons of the Prophet on September 19 has also outraged Muslims across the world.

Over 20 Pakistanis have been killed during the protest rallies

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