More 'Occupy' protesters arrested in US
Supporters of 'the Occupy' movement marching in the financial district in Chicago , Oct. 14.
Police in Chicago and New York have arrested around 265 'Occupy' protesters who were rallying against corporatism, social inequity and poverty in United States, Press TV reports.

More ‘Occupy’ protesters arrested in US

More 'Occupy' protesters arrested in US Reviewed by مرتضی سرمدیان on Oct 16Rating:

Chicago Police arrested about 175 Occupy Chicago protesters who refused to leave Grant Park on early Sunday, Reuter’s reported

More than 2,000 people marched from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to Grant Park on Saturday, in a protest inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York.

Officials said nearly 90 protesters were arrested in New York. Protesters, however, have vowed to stay despite the heavy-handed police crackdown.

The protest was one of many held in a day of global demonstrations on Saturday. Demonstrations were held in dozens of countries including Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal.

The Occupy Wall street (OWS) movement began on September 17 in the financial district of New York City in protest to a number of issues including the wars in the Middle East, US financial crisis and high bonuses for Wall Street executives.

The protesters have adopted the nickname ‘the 99 percent.’ They have singled out for criticism specific people, whom are said to have become rich at the expense of others and formed the one percent wealthiest Americans.

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