Wall Street protests enters ninth day
Anti-Wall Street protesters have continued their demonstrations against financial greed and corruption, despite increased police repression, New York, September 25, 2011.
Hundreds of anti-corporatism protesters in New York's Wall Street have held rallies for a ninth consecutive day against growing greed and financial corruption across the United States, Press TV reports.

Wall Street protests enters ninth day

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The angry protesters have been camping out around the clock in Lower Manhattan, near the stock exchange in New York since the protests began on September 17.

“The repression against those who have been demonstrations has just been slowly ratcheted upwards,” Press TV quoted Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, as saying on Monday.

Hedges also said that the police presence around Wall Street has turned the area into a “green zone” and that the only way to enter it in now is through police barricades.

However, the protesters and organizers have vowed to continue rallies until their demands are met.

“Morale is as high as it can be,” said Guy Steward, one of the protesters.

He did, however, say that despite the “mass police brutality” on Saturday, the protesters strength had grown bigger.

Police had on Saturday arrested more than 80 protesters and pepper sprayed a further five.

The Egypt-style protests, inspired by the wave of democracy movements in the Arab world, have been organized by an organization dubbed as “Occupy Wall Street.”

The protesters are demanding US President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end the influence of corporate money has on US.

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