Britain bows to Zionist lobbies
The British government seems to be risking its independence from Zionist lobbies after its recent moves to protect Israeli war crimes suspects from prosecution and boycott a UN anti-racism conference that could lead to the condemnation of the regime.

Britain bows to Zionist lobbies

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British Foreign Secretary William Hague said his country will not have a representative at the UN meeting on September 22 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2001 World Conference on Racism claiming the event was anti-Semitic.

“That conference, and the anti-Semitic atmosphere in which it was held, was a particularly unpleasant and divisive chapter in the U.N.’s history. It is not an event that should be celebrated,” he said.

Arab countries and Iran prepared a draft statement at the conference back in 2001 that described the Israeli regime as racist and tried to condemn the regime’s treatment of Palestinians.

However, a number of western representatives walked out of the meeting in a clear indication of the Zionist lobbies influence in their countries.

London’s announcement that they will not attend the anti-racism meeting, when seen against the backdrop of their other move to amend universal jurisdiction law to prevent prosecution of Israeli war criminals, shows anti-Semitism is no more than an excuse to side with the Israeli regime despite its atrocities against civilian Palestinians.

Britain amended its universal jurisdiction law that allowed individuals to lodge lawsuits against foreign officials and request their arrest and trial in Britain on war crimes or torture charges.

Over the past years, the law proved troublesome for Israeli politicians as they faced arrest requests by human rights activists if they visited the UK.

A case in point was the then leader of the Israeli opposition Tzipi Livni who reviewed her British visit after lawyers acting for Palestinians secured her arrest warrant for war crimes.

Under the newly-passed amendment, the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, Britain’s Director of Public Prosecutions should authorize any private prosecution requests that fall under universal jurisdiction law.

The move drew condemnations from a range of experts and activists with leading human rights lawyer, Geoffrey Robertson describing the amendment as a “backward step” that shows Britain is “reluctant to bring tyrants and torturers to justice if it suits the government.”

The change in law in favor of the Israeli officials shows the all-out support of Britain for the Israeli regime and blows the lid off the claims that London pulled out of the UN anti-racism meeting due to anti-Semitic concerns.

That is also reflected in Hague’s insistence that his country sticks to “many of the commitments” of the 2001 conference but in a “way that delivers genuine progress” and apparently anything that goes against the interests of the Israeli regime does not represent progress for its big mentors in London.

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