‘Oil, Israel, ideology motivated 9/11’

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‘Oil, Israel, ideology motivated 9/11’

Newly released footage of the 9/11 incident suggest that the US government staged the attacks on New York to eliminate the threat of Saddam Hussein to Israel and take control of Iraqi oil, a political analyst tells Press TV.


According to senior editor of Veterans Today Dr. James Fetzer, the sequence of events is not comparable with information released by the US government.

“Without any doubt anyone who takes a serious look at the physics, the engineering, the Aerodynamics of the situation realizes that virtually everything that the government told us about 9/11 is false,” he told Press TV in an interview.

Fetzer said that a plane crash would have “caused some asymmetrical sagging and tilting not the complete collapse and conversion of those two massive buildings into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust.”

He went on to added that the “the fires did not burn long enough or hot enough to cause this steel to weaken, much less melt.”

According to the senior editor, the staged 9/11 events were “motivated by three concerns: oil, Israel, and ideology.”

Fetzer says that the attacks were used as an excuse to take control of Iraq’s oil, and to protect Israel, as Saddam Hossein was an “imposing” threat to Israel’s plans of politically dominating the Middle East.

He added that department of defense officials such as Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, and General Richard Myers were among the figures who played influential roles in moving along the ideology of Americans approving of war against Middle Eastern countries which had not attacked the US


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