Yemenis continue calls for Saleh ouster
Tens of thousands of Yemeni anti-government protesters have poured into the streets, demanding the ouster of the country's long time dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemenis continue calls for Saleh ouster

Yemenis continue calls for Saleh ousterReviewed by مرتضی سرمدیان on Aug 5Rating:

Anti-regime protest rallies were held in the capital and the southern city of Taizz following the Friday Prayers on the first Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

“The tyrant will go, and the people will stay,” chanted the crowds in Sana’a, where organizers said around 250,000 people took part in the protest rally.

Demonstrators also condemned the US and Saudi interference in their country’s internal affairs, accusing them of trying to save Saleh’s regime.

Yemenis have repeatedly called for the boycott of US and Saudi products in protest.
Meanwhile, forces loyal to Saleh have clashed with supporters of the powerful anti-government Hashid tribal federation led by Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmar in Sana’a.

Witnesses say the two sides exchanged fierce gunfire. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Since Saleh left the country for Saudi Arabia for medical treatment in early June following an attack on his presidential palace, Yemenis have been holding almost daily anti-government protests across the country, demanding his resignation.

They have also demanded the prosecution of Saleh and his regime officials over the killing of hundreds of anti-government protesters since opposition rallies began in the country in late January.

Protesters have vowed to continue their protest rallies and sit-ins through Ramadan until their demands are met.

However, regime officials have repeatedly said that Saleh will return to Yemen.

But the opposition says Saleh will only return to Yemen to be prosecuted under the country’s new constitution to be written by a 501-member “national assembly” in the near future

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