Bahraini forces attack protesters
Bahraini police
Saudi-backed Bahraini regime forces have attacked anti-government protesters as the five-month-old revolution continues in the Persian Gulf sheikhdom.

Bahraini forces attack protesters

Bahraini forces attack protestersReviewed by مرتضی سرمدیان on Jul 28Rating:

The latest attack on peaceful protesters took place in the village of Nuwaidrat on Wednesday, witnesses said.

The protesters demanded an end to the Al Khalifa regime, complaining about injustice and discrimination.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates deployed their first batch of military forces to Bahrain in mid-March.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia deployed more forces in Bahrain in an attempt to further help the ruling regime clamp down on anti-regime demonstrators.

Amnesty International has criticized the Al Khalifa regime for its violations of international law by brutally cracking down on peaceful protesters and activists.

Anti-regime protesters have been holding demonstrations across the country since mid-February, calling on the ruling family to relinquish power.

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