Yemeni ruler apologizes to Israel, US

Yemeni ruler apologizes to Israel, USReviewed by مرتضی سرمدیان on Mar 3Rating:

Yemeni ruler apologizes to Israel, US

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh
The White House has announced that Yemeni ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh has apologized to the US and Israel for previously blaming the recent uprisings in his country on them.

In a telephone call to Washington on Wednesday, Saleh expressed regret over his former remarks that Washington and Tel Aviv were behind the recent and persisting anti-government uprisings in Yemen, Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan said.

Brennan expressed appreciation for Saleh’s apology but added that the remarks were unhelpful since they “ignore the legitimate aspirations of people in the Arab world,” AP reported.

On Tuesday, Saleh accused US President Barack Obama of interfering in the internal affairs of Arab countries. He also said Israel was behind the anti-government uprisings in his country.

At least 24 people have been killed in clashes between government forces and anti-regime protesters, with anti-protest violence in the southern province of Aden accounting for most of the deaths.

Saleh has resisted growing demands for his ouster and has only promised not to seek re-election when his current term expires in 2013.

The out-of-favor president earlier offered to form a unity government with the opposition and religious leaders, but the opposition rejected the idea.


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