Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (L) and Vice-president Omar Suleiman (file photo)
Main opposition parties and figures in Egypt have rejected talks with the government as long as embattled Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak is in power.

Egypt opposition rejects talks

Egypt opposition rejects talksReviewed by مرتضی سرمدیان on Feb 3Rating:

National Coalition for Change, including the opposition groups Muslim Brotherhood, Wafd Party and Kefaya as well as opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei, say there is no alternative for Mubarak but to step down immediately.

Earlier, the state-run television claimed Vice-president Omar Suleiman has begun talks with political parties and national forces.

The channel did not specify which parties or forces were involved in the talks. It also said Suleiman is sending a delegation to Tahrir Square for talks with protesters.

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq also said on Thursday he was ready to head down to Tahrir Square, the scene of massive anti-government demonstrations, to talk to protesters, the official MENA news agency said.

Public demand for Mubarak’s trial

Mubarak says he will not seek re-election, but will remain in office until the next presidential vote in September. Opposition figures say Mubarak’s concession comes too late.

Protesters say even Mubarak’s resignation is not enough and that he should be put on trial for the death of protesters, a Press TV correspondent from Cairo reported.

Five EU nations, that is, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, in a joint statement have urged an immediate political transition to end the violence in Egypt.

Egypt’s leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei has accused the government of continuing the use of what he calls “scare tactics.”

He has expressed concern about clashes between opponents and pro-Mubarak vigilantes, saying he fears the clashes might turn into “a bloodbath.”

Preliminary reports say at least six protesters have been killed and over 1,500 injured.

A report by the United Nations says at least 300 people have so far been killed and thousands more injured during nationwide protests in troubled Egypt.

Main opposition figures have called for another mass rally on Friday, which they consider as President Hosni Mubarak’s day of departure

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