In an article published on the Press TV website, Gordon Duff, noted that in case of an attack, the Israeli army will be easily swept aside by the Iranians, because it has no capability of operating logistically and is already faced with a population that is asking for an end to compulsory military service.

“Young Israelis say they are tired of hearing the continual fear mongering and no longer find any of the ‘threats’ the Likudist regime harps about credible,” he said.

The analyst added that up to 50 percent of Israeli youth are refusing military service of which ‘ultra-orthodox’ Jews are already exempt.

“In an interview with a former US military attaché to Israel, I was told that only a few units of the Israeli army are ‘first-rate’ with the rest much less capable,” Duff added.

He argued that due to its fear of Iran, Israel may resort to any machination to get other countries engaged in a war on Iran.

“Israel is likely to try to precipitate a war on Iran by staging an attack on the US, its forces in the Persian Gulf region or on a European NATO target, most likely the London Olympics…. There has been highly credible information that an attack on the Olympics is planned,” he said.

After attacking the US ships in the Persian Gulf or the London Olympics, Duff added, Israel will use its powerful lobby in the US and international media to blame Iran for what had happened.

“With world economies on the edge of general collapse, any major conflict, particularly one that could draw in China or, worse still, present the United States in the role of aggressor and Israeli military surrogate again, would be historically unsustainable.” the analyst concluded.