Press TV has always been critical of British policies dealing the UK administration a severe blow by providing its audience with an alternative viewpoint on the events in the Middle East and the West.

Ofcom finally made a questionable move and without offering a valid response to the Press TV CEO’s letters, it decided to revoke Press TV’s broadcasting license and removed the channel from the Sky platform on January 20.

What follows is just a handful of Press TV viewers reacting to the removal of the channel from the Sky platform:

Nimco: What do we except, Sky TV is owned by Rubert Murdoch, a known Zionist and Islamphobe. But the truth is stronger than hate, Press TV will prevail in the end.

Curly: why are they removing it? Because they don’t want people to know what really they are doing around the world, the death and destruction they cause, so they remove platforms like press TV. Cowards!!!

Hassan: One of the best sources of information in UK is press TV. Shame on UK

Sehrat: Press TV [is] No. 1 in freedom of speech and world peace.

Zaghum: So called democracy! (What about UK freedom of expression)!

Stephen: I am ashamed to admit am British as we pride ourselves on free speech and now that has been taken away from the people shame on Ofcom.

Zyre: Britain should not start banning news channels, nullifying its claim of “Freedom of Speech”. I don’t think there is any harm in letting the people know the other side of the stories.

Ali: It shows UK claim for freedom of speech. All rubbish. Since long they are racist and enemies of truth.

CurliQue CowGrrl: What … is wrong with MORE NEWS?!?! Let the people decide!!! Information should not be inaccessible.

Mubashir: If any wants to know the truth, then he should listen to all the opinion. UK government! This act increase the importance of press not eliminating the influence of Press TV channel

Idrisa: That’s the way of imposing purposively their culture by abolishing the media which goes directly with the good rules of life…

Ganizani: Press TV is one of the media that inform news to many people in the world if removed many people will be affected by misinformed.

Ian: We must have a free platform….Shame on Britain.

Ameena: Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad…..shame on u Britain!

Zargham: Press TV is the only news channel which shows real facts to the whole world…….

Irene: As an adult I know which channel I wish to watch … a balanced news channel like Press TV. A channel where I get the news that I would have liked to get on sky but don’t. Come on Ofcom and give Press TV a chance to fill the “forms” correctly. The voice of the voiceless is Press TV.

Syed Raheel: Press TV is the source from where we get the in depth insight of what’s happening in Iran and its political views. I do not rely on BBC and Sky as we all know how corrupted and controlled are these organizations.

Zahid: Press TV doesn’t need to do propaganda it views the facts!

Harrison: Britain needs to come out of the dark ages, and get with the rest of the world. No wonder Australia wants to leave the commonwealth and become a republic. Shame on you Britain!

Zyre Mehdi: No wonder why Scots want to get liberated. Britain is just a mock democracy.

Hasan Raza: Press TV should not be banned as it is the matter of freedom of speech.

Jobayed: UK should remain on their principals, democracy, human rights and freedom of speech…

Dwight: Britain, US and Israel are in a race to the bottom. Who will get their first?

Khurrum: Shame on so called democratic country.

Mizzus: It has always been evident that the highest degree of censorships has always come from Western Nations, just hidden well, but no longer. Sad day when this is happening so blatantly. Governments need to leave well enough alone, let them people get their views from many different places and let us decide for ourselves.

Akintunde: I wonder why UK government is still showing hatred to a country that has no record of attacking any other nation, but God is always behind his own people, one day the truth shall prevail.

Angelo: If they remove it from the sky platform I will cancel my subscription.

Steven: This very act shows how worried they are becoming. They are not used to the smell of their own fear, and this panic reaction confirms it. Their time is nearly up.

Marshal: This is a sad day if Press TV goes off Air….. It’s OK to have Sex channels on the Sky Network but a channel that just gives news and facts that you never hear about on Sky News or any other Western networks…….. What a shame that you so afraid of Press TV……

Farouk: The best TV Channel for the “REAL NEWS” not the Murdoch’s empire of TV stations that LIE!

Sayed Shahabuddin: Britain is against freedom of speech. They should let all press channels to have space to work without fear.