On November 27, Iran’s Majlis approved a bill, which was also endorsed a day later by the Guardian Council, to downgrade relations with Britain to the level of charge d’affaires and limit all economic and cultural relations with London to the minimum level.

The Iranian lawmakers acted on the bill in response to the UK’s recent decision to impose unilateral sanctions on the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran over allegations that Tehran’s nuclear program may have a covert military component aspect.

Two days after the Majlis ratification of the bill, hundreds of Iranian students, harboring pent-up anger at the UK policies against Iran, staged a major protest rally outside the British Embassy in Tehran, pulled down the UK flag, and demanded the expulsion of the British envoy.

Protesters also staged another rally outside a second compound, the Qolhak Garden.

The initiative by the Iranian students was “very appropriate,” Elahian said, adding the students should have even “continued their congregation before the British Embassy for three or four days.”

Referring to the student protests at the anti-Iran policies of London Elahian noted, “These measures should persist.”