British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, expressed his concerns over the Iranian MPs’ decision to expel Britain’s ambassador to Tehran saying such a decision would be “entirely counterproductive,” reported the Daily Telegraph on Monday.

Iranian lawmakers unanimously ratified legislation to downgrade ties with the British government to the level of charge d’affaires, a measure that was described by the Iranian lawmakers as a reasonable response to Britain’s long-lasting enmity toward the Iranian nation throughout history both before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Moreover, Iran’s Guardian Council, the Iranian government’s constitutional watchdog, approved the bill as the council’s spokesman Abbasali Kadkhodayee said the bill “is not in violation of the religious (Islamic) rules and the Constitution.”

The bill to downgrade ties with the British government was overwhelmingly approved by Iranian MPs on Sunday with 179 yes votes, 11 abstentions, and 4 oppositions that asked for cutting all ties with the British government.

British officials did not favor the Iranian Parliament’s decision, which was made after the British government announced it would cut all financial ties with Iran’s banks.

Hoping that Iran’s Guardian Council would not ratify the bill, a Foreign Office spokesperson described Iranian MPs’ vote as “regrettable.”

Moreover, struggling to prevent the Iranian government’s decision to downgrade its ties with London, Hague, who had already retreated from war rhetoric to “a negotiated solution,” threatened the Iranian nation with a “robust response.”

Hague who spoke of an open military option against Iran while the British media failed to mislead the public by fueling media hype over military action against Iran is now quoted saying the bill is “another sign of Iran’s continued unwillingness to enter into dialogue.”

British officials’ comments reveal the hypocritical nature of the British establishment as they accuse Iran of “unwillingness to enter into dialogue” while themselves continue to impose sanctions against the Iranian nation and bombard them with threats of military action.