Demonstrating Bahraini pilgrims marched in the streets of Mecca on Tuesday, demanding the fall of the Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain.

The move comes as anti-government protesters once again took to the streets in several cities in Bahrain on Monday, chanting slogans in support of their revolution.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates deployed military equipment and troops to Bahrain in mid-March upon a request from Manama to help quash the anti-regime protests in the country.

On Sunday, Saudi-backed Bahraini regime forces in the northern village of Daih attacked mourners that were holding the funeral procession of 70-year-old Ali al-Dayhee, who died of injuries he sustained during an attack by government forces against peaceful demonstrators on Wednesday night and succumbed to his wounds in the early hours of Thursday.

Scores of people have been killed and many more have been injured in Bahrain during the regime’s brutal crackdown on the popular uprising that began in February. Hundreds of protesters have also been detained.

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