The Iranian nation can reach its objectives through reflection, its rich culture and prudence, added President Ahmadinejad on Tuesday.

He warned the US and its allies against manufacturing unfounded allegations against the Islamic Republic and emphasized that Iranians will never accept any accusation, IRNA reported.

If the US engages in any actions against the Iranian nation, it will certainly be made to regret the move by the nation’s firm response, he stated.

The head of the Supreme National Security Council added that the US government arrogantly accuses Iran of producing nuclear bombs while itself possesses over 5,000 atomic bombs.

Moreover, the president denounced Washington’s lack of commitment to nuclear disarmament and said the US has allocated an additional $81 billion to upgrade its atomic bombs, while the entire annual budget of Iran’s nuclear research is merely $250 million.

Iran’s president went on to ask that based on such facts, is it Iran that poses a danger to global security or those that persistently build and stockpile atomic bombs?

President Ahmadinejad also blasted the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukia Amano for failing to act independently, saying, “Unfortunately, they have designated a person at the head of this agency that has no authority of his own, but violates the regulations of the organization and merely restates US words.”

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