Raising a giant national flag and banners reading, “Reform is our objective” and “no to corruption,” nearly 4,000 people marched in central Amman on Friday, calling on the country’s new premier to introduce genuine reforms as he prepares to announce his government.

“We are demonstrating today to emphasize public demands for reform and demand the new government introduce genuine reforms,” Zaki Bani Ershead, head of the opposition Islamic Action Front (IAF), told AFP.

“The new government should be able to meet the current challenges and the intelligence department should stop interfering in civil and political life,” he added.

Jordanian demonstrators chanted “We want action, not words. The regime should change its policies,” and also expressed delight at the killing of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, calling on Arab leaders to learn a lesson from the recent events in Libya.

“The killing of Gaddafi yesterday must be a lesson to all leaders, all leaders can save their people and nations from the killing and bloodshed if they learn a lesson,” said Zaki Bani Ershead.

Last Monday, Jordanian ruler, King Abdullah II, removed Prime Minister Maaruf al-Bakhit from his position and replaced him with International Court of Justice judge Awn Khasawneh.

Al-Bakhit’s government was accused of corruption and failure to deliver on promised reforms.

Jordan’s new premier is expected to announce his reform-mandated government within a few days.

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