Protesters are to assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at noon on Saturday in order to voice their anger at financial inequality and injustice.

The Facebook page of “Occupy the London Stock Exchange” movement has nearly 15,000 followers as the group has announced over 5,000 protesters have confirmed that they will join the movement on Saturday.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police announced that they had a “flexible plan in place to police the event,” insisting that the riot police officers may resort to any of their tactics including the kettling of demonstrators, in which police forces encircle and detain groups of protesters in an indiscriminate way.

“We are prepared for the police, arrests will not deter us, but rather will galvanise us,” one protester told the Independent.

The world witnessed the dawn of the global protests as demonstrators took to the streets in New Zealand in the morning of a sunny spring day on 15 October.

Protests are to spread across the globe sweeping cities from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Sydney in New Zealand and Australia to London and Frankfurt, and across the Atlantic to Alaska.

Frustrated at the government’s economic policies and austerity measures, British people have announced their readiness to partake in the protests as they call themselves “part of a global popular movement.”

“After huge bailouts and in the face of unemployment, privatisation and austerity, we still see profits for the rich on the increase,” the group announced in a statement.

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