“America is the head of the serpent,” ‘No American Embassy in Jordan,’ and ‘No Israeli Embassy in Jordan,’ chanted the protesting public, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The demonstrators tried to reach the Israeli and American embassies, but faced heavy security presence.

Jordanian police deployed armored vehicles in the area for the fear that the public tries to take over the embassy — a development, which had followed anti-Israeli protests in the Egyptian capital, Cairo earlier in the week.

“End the agreement!” the protesters also shouted, calling for the termination of Amman’s 1994 peace treaty with Tel Aviv, which normalized relations and allegedly resolved territorial disputes between the two sides.

The rallies also condemned the United States plans to veto any Palestinian statehood bid at the UN Security Council and voiced outrage at Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians in the Tel Aviv-occupied territories.

Anti-US and anti-Israeli sentiments have been on the rise in the region ever since the early months of the year, when popular revolutions toppled Western-backed regimes in Tunisia and Egypt.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli ambassador to Amman, Danny Navon, left for Israel together with his staff amid fears that massive anti-Israel demonstrations erupts near the embassy over the weekend.

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