Several killed in attack on Israeli buses

At least six people have been reportedly killed and dozens injured in attacks on two vehicles near the Red Sea resort of Eilat in southern Israel.


A bus carrying Israeli soldiers came under attack 30 kilometers north of Eilat, near the Egyptian border, on Thursday when a gunmen came out of a car and opened fire on the vehicle, a Press TV correspondent in Egypt reported.

The Egged bus was reportedly heading to Eilat from the Israeli city of Beer Sheva.

Meanwhile, an anti-tank rocket was fired at another bus and a military patrol was also hit by several explosive devices detonated on its way, according to the Israeli army.

All entrances to the city of Eilat were closed off after the incident.

Israeli soldiers engaged in a pursuit of a vehicle believed to be carrying the gunmen, which resulted in a gun battle.

The identities of the attackers were not immediately clear. But Israel’s Minister of Military Affairs Ehud Barak claimed that the coordinated attacks were organized in the Gaza Strip, and vowed an Israeli response


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