Protesters are flocking to Liberation Square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to join others who have set up camps to renew their calls for the trial of officials from the former regime.

The demonstrators will also urge the ruling military council to put an end to the trial of civilians in military courts and to hand over power to a civilian rule.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has announced that it will join the Friday protests which come after political parties and groups of various views agreed on key demands for the rally.

The protests take place a day after Egypt’s Deputy Justice Minister Mohammed Munie announced that the trial of former ruler Hosni Mubarak, his two sons, and seven associates, including former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly, will begin in Cairo on August 3.

Earlier, Egypt’s Health Minister Amr Helmy had made it clear that Mubarak is well enough to face trial after reports claimed the dictator had refused to eat solid food for several days and that his health was deteriorating.

The trial will take place in a convention center in the Egyptian capital, with hundreds of seats for the audience.

Mubarak is accused of corruption and ordering the killing of hundreds of protesters during the revolution that led to his downfall.

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