Yemeni protesters staged rallies in Sana’a while similar demonstrations were held in the second largest city, Taizz on Saturday.

The protesters carried banners reading “No to foreign dictation” and “No to American domination.”

The demonstrations came one day after the millions-strong turnout for demos on Friday, dubbed the day of rejecting domination over revolution.

The Yemeni protesters also renewed calls for the formation of a transitional council.

The demonstrations were held to send a message to Saleh, who appeared on state TV on Thursday for the first time since he was injured in an attack on the presidential palace in Sana’a on June 3.

He said he welcomed dialogue and power sharing, but insisted he would not step down.

Anti-regime protesters have rejected Saleh’s speech, calling him “politically dead.”

Demonstrators also called for the prosecution of Saleh, who is now in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, and officials of his regime over the killing of hundreds of anti-government protesters since opposition rallies began in the country in January.

Since Saleh left the country in early June, anti-regime protesters have been holding daily demonstrations across Yemen, calling for the establishment of a transitional council to prevent him from returning to power.

Saleh is reportedly planning to return to the impoverished Arab state, but Yemenis have vowed to continue holding demonstrations until his regime falls.

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