On Monday, the demonstrators denounced Riyadh’s interference in the country’s internal affairs as Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to receive treatment in the kingdom for the injuries he received in an RPG attack on the presidential palace on June 3, a Press TV correspondent reported.

“God is the Greatest,” “Down with America,” “Down with Israel” and “Victory for Islam,” the demonstrators shouted.

They also called for the creation of an interim ruling council to transfer power to the people.

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have turned out for regular demonstrations in the country’s major cities since January, calling for an end to corruption and unemployment and demanding the ouster of Saleh, who has been in power since 1978.

The people are also demanding that he be tried for the murder of hundreds of Yemenis during the regime’s crackdown on the protests.

Yemeni demonstrators have told the Saudi government to stop its efforts to obstruct their revolution.

Riyadh recently claimed that al-Qaeda militants may try to take advantage of the situation if the Yemenis continue to hold demonstrations.

Foreign intervention has been condemned by thousands of Yemenis during demonstrations across the country over the past few weeks.

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