After holding a number of meetings, the committee announced 16 Quran experts from Iran and other countries as judges of the contest. 8 judges are from Iran and the rest are from other countries.”

He introduced the members of the jury as follows:

From Iran,

Abdol Rasul Abayi: head of the jury; Mohammad Reza Sotudenia: supervisor; Hojat-ol-Islam Haj Abol Ghasem: guide to memorizers; Hashem Roghani: Lahn category; Ahmad Abol Ghasemi: Sowt category; Hojat-ol-Islam Shahidipur: Waqf and Ibtida category; Seyyed Mahdi Seyf: Tajweed category; and Amir Aghayi: accurate memorization category.

The rest of the members: Fakhruddin Sarumpaet from Indonesia, Azhar Ibn Uthman from Malaysia, Yahya Muhamamd Ali Hassan from Iraq, Saeedi Yusuf from Algeria, Hussein Hmdan from Syria, Ahmed Isa Hussein Al-Ma’sarawi from Turkey and Muhammad Amin Mashali from Syria.

Hojat-ol-Islam Sharafkhani said renowned Egyptian reciter Abdul Fattah Taruti will also be present as a guest of honor. He will also hold specialized courses and recite the Quran in various Quran recitation sessions on the sidelines of the competition.

Noting that 99 Quran reciters and memorizers from 60 countries took part in the previous edition of the contest, he added that 53 countries have so far introduced their representatives for this edition.

“Therefore, 93 reciters and memorizers from 53 countries are confirmed to be competing in the 28th edition.”

He stressed that in this edition, quality has been given priority over the number of participants. “We have set stricter conditions for the participants this year and the reciters and memorizers who are introduced to attend the competition ought to meet certain technical and specialized requirements.”

Cultural deputy of the Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization concluded by saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition is the only one in the world which is held in three fields, namely recitation, memorization and paper writing.

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