Canada: Royals, parasites on circus tour

A Canadian politician has described the visiting duke and duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, as “parasites” on sort of a “circus tour” to the North American country.

The newly wed royals are to tour Canada on their first official visit abroad between June 30 and July 8.

Amir Khadir, a left wing member of the National Assembly of Quebec from Solidaire party, described the British monarchy as a “parasitic system that was inherited from ancient times.” “A nation worthy of the 21st Century has no need for a monarchy or people with a bloodline,” he stressed.

Khadir also drew an analogy between the visit by Prince William and his bride Kate, and tours by “circus” performers, rejecting claims by the Quebec government that their visit could boost tourism in the region.

“If this is a tourist attraction, I would at least appreciate it if the stakeholders involved knew that we are bringing them here kind of like we do with circus tours,” the Canadian politician said.

Khadir’s comments were not warmly welcomed by officials in Quebec — which will host William and Kate for two days during their Canadian trip.

They rushed to condemn the remarks and called on the male spokesperson for Solidaire to apologize.

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has estimated their two-day stay in the province to cost a whopping £۱.۲۵ million (1.99 million Canadian dollars) for taxpayers as local officials will increase security measures.

Several groups in Quebec including the Reseau de resistance du Quebec (RRQ) have vowed to do what it takes to make sure the royal couple’s visit to Quebec is as “unpleasant as possible.”

“We are not going to let the British monarchy walk upon our territory with complete impunity,” PRQ president Patrick Bourgeois told Canadian media earlier in February.


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