Official: Senior ISIS Figure Killed in US Strike in Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s intelligence service says the highest-ranking leader among local militants loyal to ISIS was killed in an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan.
Abdul Hassib Sediqi, spokesman for the National Directorate of Security, said on Saturday that Hafeez Sayeed was one of more than 30 militants killed in a U.S. strike Friday in Nangarhar province.


Official: Senior ISIS figure killed in US strike in Afghanistan

Sediqi said the Afghan intelligence service provided information to U.S. forces, who carried out the strike.

Afghan government officials have claimed the presence of ISIS activity in at least three provinces of the country, but the existence of an active ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan has not been confirmed, Daily star reported.

The Taliban, at war with the Afghan government for nearly 14 years, have warned ISIS to stay out of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Bakhtar News and other local media informed that about 100 Taliban Militants and ISIS Allies Kills In Nangarhar.

During the last two weeks about 100 Taliban militants and the affiliates of “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) were killed in Nangarhar province.

The militants following operations and clashes with Afghan security forces lost their lives in eastern Nangarhar province.

Among those killed included Shahadullah Shahad, Gul Zaman and Jahad Yaar the leaders of ISIS group in “Kharasan province” according to them.

Gen. Fazul Ahmad Shirzad police chief of Nangarhar province told BNA reporter, during the past two weeks about 100 Taliban militants and ISIS affiliates were killed in the eastern province.

He added, Afghan security forces day by day strengthen their resistance against militants groups in Nangarhar province.

General Shirzad promised people of the province that Afghan security forces day by day have try to annihilate the militants groups and rescue the people from fears of the groups


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