Republicans ready for wedding event

UK Republican campaigners are to head to London from around Britain to attend the “Not the royal wedding” street party being held by the Republic campaign group.

Hundreds of republicans are predicted to gather at Red Lion Square in central London to celebrate “democracy and people-power rather than inherited privilege”. They have considered the group’s royal wedding plans as a “genuinely historic moment for republicanism.”

The most recent poll by YouGov has disclosed that Two thirds of the British nationals are mainly not interested or don’t care about the royal wedding, and claimed that British TV stations have been focusing too much on the occasion.

The Republic campaign manager, Graham Smith, said that 29 April would be historic moment for the group, since it is the first time the group has launched its own campaign at the important royal event.

“Tomorrow is the culmination of the most successful period for our campaign since we became a pressure group five years ago. We’re looking forward to even more intensive campaigning as we prepare for jubilee year and work towards getting rid of the monarchy altogether by 2025,” he said.

“In a last ditch attempt to whip up enthusiasm for the wedding, the palace is relying more and more on spin and half-truths. Poll after poll has shown that most Brits simply don’t care about the wedding and feel the media has badly misjudged the mood of the nation,” he added.

Regarding the large increase in the number of Republic members in the last months, Graham Smith claimed that: “the idea that the monarchy’s future is any safer as a result of the wedding is completely laughable


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