A proposal to shift power from Gaddafi to his second-oldest son is “a ridiculous offer,” said Ali Aujali, a former Libyan ambassador to the United States.

Aujali, who represents the Libyan opposition in Washington, added that “Libyan people, they decided, and they will not go back at all (to) Gaddafi or any member of his family,” CNN reported on Tuesday.

This comes a day after the New York Times reported that Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, 38, would help to usher in swift reform and would take over power from his father.

However, Seif Gaddafi has become one of his father’s most outspoken defenders since the start of the unrest.

The opposition says there is no difference between Gaddafi and his sons as he waged the war against his people with his sons’ support.

“His sons, they are killers — they’re just like their father,” Aujali noted.

Anti-Gaddafi forces are locked in fighting with regime troops as the revolutionaries are struggling to push their way towards the capital, Tripolii.

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