Saudi soldier gunned down in Bahrain

Saudi troops drive into Bahrain from to quash anti-government protesters in Bahrain.
A Saudi soldier has been killed in Bahrain clashes following an incursion by Arab armies to quell popular protests in the Persian Gulf state, sources say.

A Bahraini security official says the Saudi soldier was shot dead in Ma’ameer, Manama, from a Bahraini military helicopter hovering over the houses and randomly shooting at people.

Meanwhile, thousands of Bahraini protesters have staged a march to the Saudi embassy to protest deployment of Saudi troops in Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Cooperation Council member states dispatched their armed forces to Bahrain in response to Manama’s call for military help to quell public protests.

The United States, which has its Fifth Fleet based there, has declined to term the troops’ move into Bahrain as incursion.


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