The United States’ call for sanctions against Russia due to its military buildup in Crimea lays bare Washington’s “dark underbelly,” an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

“Recent events in Ukraine have exposed something of the “dark underbelly” of America,” Gordon Duff wrote on Wednesday.

He said that US President Barack Obama’s call for sanctions against Russia due to its military buildup in Crimea has left “the entire world…aghast.”

“People around the world are reeling in shock as America is calling for sanctions against Russia for its military buildup in Crimea in response to the overthrow of the Ukrainian government by ultra-nationalist extremist elements aided by Western intelligence agencies,” wrote Duff.

The analyst said the American leaders are tight-lipped over their own “unimaginably immense hypocrisy.”

Duff said the US government’s behavior has made much of the world mistrustful of the American nation.

Pro-Russian forces in Crimea on Tuesday closed the main airport in the regional capital, Simferopol, preventing all flights in and out, except those connecting to Moscow.

The escalation came as Crimea lawmakers voted for independence from Ukraine in a declaration endorsed by 78 members of the local assembly in a move required for the planned secession referendum to be held on March 16.

The move by the parliament, which has been declared illegal by the self-declared pro-Western government in Kiev, appeared to be aimed at creating a legal framework for joining Russia as a sovereign state.

It also came after ousted president Viktor Yanukovych pledged defiantly to return to Kiev from Russia to regain power from what he labeled as “US-backed bandits.”

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