Ayatollah Khamenei described as a “big challenge” the last year’s sedition and said, “In this big challenge, the enemy supported sedition provokers on one hand and even announced their names but on the other hand, the Iranian nation had a strong presence in the scene,” Ayatollah Khamenei underlined.

“As the Iranian nation showed its initiative and bravery during the (eight-year Iraqi) imposed war, it also defused the enemies’ sedition in this eight-month soft war,” he added.

The Leader made the remarks in an address to thousands of enthusiastic people from the northern Iranian province of Gilan on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that the Iranian nation thwarted efforts made by those who intended to incite sedition in the country in a “spontaneous move” and gave them a crushing response.

“Enemies of the Iranian people and those who think they can cause a rift between the nation and (officials) of the Islamic establishment should know that the Islamic establishment belongs to the nation and that Iranians are its main guardians,” said the Leader.

He emphasized that leaders of arrogant countries, and the United States in particular, use different ways including plots, hypocritical remarks and clear enmity to counter the Islamic establishment.

“All these (approaches) show that they have not reached a correct analysis of the Iranian nation,” Ayatollah Khamenei went on to say.

The Leader stressed the importance of disappointing enemies as the only way to “get rid of them” and said it was a big fault by sedition provokers to “raise hope” for enemies.

He pointed to high turnout of the Iranian nation in the June presidential election and added, “This great participation could lead to success of Iranians in many political fields but sedition provokers inflicted damage to the Islamic Revolution and nation by inciting sedition and stirring hope among enemies.”

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