Following the announcement of results from the first phase of the parliamentary elections, Egyptians go to polls on Sunday amid reports of wide-ranging vote rigging and very low voter turnout.

Over the past week, supporters of Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest opposition group, as well as opposition Party candidates have held protest rallies against a number of election violations that include vote fraud, police brutality and obstruction of opposition candidates.

The day of the elections last week was marred by eight deaths and violence involving clashes between security forces as well as government loyalist and supporters of opposition camps.

Muslim Brotherhood said on Wednesday it has decided to boycott the run-off vote after failing to win even a single parliamentary seat in the first round.

The liberal Wafd opposition party also says it will withdraw from the elections despite winning two seats in the first round.

Members of opposition groups complain that their representatives were expelled from polling stations and many of their supporters were barred from voting.

Human Rights groups have censured the Egyptian government for suppressing opposition candidates and their supporters.

The first stage of the elections had left the National Democratic Party in control of 95% of the parliamentary seats

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